3 life lessons I learned from Spiderman

by rodney on May 18, 2014

spidermanOur role models, also known as idols or heroes, are important to us.  They raise the bar for the people we want to be. We aspire to be like them and we learn from them lessons that help us navigate our way through the world.

This is why I love super heroes. They possess the qualities that we would like to have and they do incredible things that we could never dream of doing yet they also have their frailties, their weaknesses and dark sides that not only make them human but also make us feel better about our negative traits.

I’ve learned a lot from super heroes and the movies they’re in. Most recently, I was watching the Spiderman movies (the Toby Maguire ones, not the recent ones) and found myself learning 3 really important lessons that can help us in our real lives.


The biggest take away from Spiderman 1 is the advice Uncle Ben gave Peter Parker. “With great power comes great responsibility”. This became the mantra that guides Peter to becoming Spiderman. What this means is that at some point in our lives we all come into some great power. The opportunity to help create, guide and or help others through life, for example, when we become parents. We have a responsibility to only use that power to help make the world better for others but, most importantly, not abuse that power by taking advantage of those who need to help. We see it in the news every day, teachers and priests abusing the children they are supposed to care about, parents who hurt the children they are supposed to love, business people ripping off the clients they are paid to help, Politicians who make laws to suit their own agenda rather than making ones which will help the greater population. We all need to adopt Spiderman’s mantra.


In Spiderman 2, Harry is going through his own issues. He blames Spiderman for killing his father, ruining his business and destroying his life. This makes Harry angry, jealous and focused on revenge. These feelings, anger, jealousy, hate, are examples of emotional baggage. When  we hold onto baggage, it prevents us from being happy and growing. It creates pressure and is nothing more than a burden.  We need to let go of our emotional baggage so that we are free to move on, grow and be happy.

Dark Side

In Spiderman 3, we saw a very different Spiderman.  An alien symbiote attached itself to Spiderman which not only turned his suit black, but it also enhanced his negative traits such as arrogance and aggression. This was the dark side of Spiderman and we all have one.  What I learned from Spiderman is that by totally giving into our dark side, we end up hurting not only the people around us, but also ourselves. It’s impossible to supress our dark side forever, but don’t lose yourself in your dark side. In case you were wondering what your dark side is, you can usually find it by turning your positive qualities into negative ones.

There are of course many more lessons that you can learn from many more heroes.  Next time you watch a super hero movie, or read a comic, see what lessons appeal to you and think about how you can be the hero of your life and apply embody these qualities.

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