3 ways to get more sex in your relationship

by rodney on May 14, 2013

Sex-couple-5591677When we ask men what they want more of in their relationships, one answer that is always sure to come up is more sex.  The majority of couples have sex as little as once or twice a week, 30% of couples report as much as 4 times a week with only 1% getting busy every day.

Aside from the obvious and well known health benefits of having regular sex such fitness, pain relief, boost immunity and vitality and reduces stress, couples who have sex on a regular basis have better relationships.  Sex increases intimacy between couples which then increases trust and closeness between couples. Couples who also have regular sex argue less often and have increased levels of happiness and satisfaction.

A lot of the time, when one person wants to have sex, their partner isn’t in the mood (this does apply to both men and women; however, I hear this more often from men, so we’ll go with that). So what can blokes do to help their partners feel in the mood? Here are 3 really simple ideas any bloke can use to increase his chances of more lovin’.


Blokes who listen get laid more.  Basic listening skills are valuable in any relationship. When blokes listen to their partners, they feel validated and respected. They feel that their partner understands and listens to their needs. In turn, blokes discover things about their partner when they listen such as what makes them tick, why they are stressed and what makes them happy. I’m not just staring blankly and waiting for your turn to talk, listening, proper listening means hearing what is being said and understanding the message your partner is trying to communicate.  Try paraphrasing what your partner has just said to make sure that you understand her correctly and she knows you’re listening.


Do you remember the last time you received a compliment? How did that make you feel? Pretty good didn’t it. Compliments boost our self esteem, lift our spirits and put us in a positive vibration. Compliments put people in the mood.  With compliments, they must be genuine. People can tell when you’re being fake.  Giving effective compliments is as easy as following a three step process.

  1. Look for something that you genuinely like about that person for you to compliment. This can be anything, a quality they have, the way they look, a change in appearance, something they’re wearing, anything.
  2. Tell your partner “I like……….” And tell them what it is that you genuinely like.
  3. Tell them why. Again, this reason must be genuine.


About 80% of everything we say is through body language.  Of the numerous body language signals that we communicate every day, I believe the most powerful one is smiling. When you smile at another person you are telling that that you’re happy to see them. They also know that your presence lights up their day. Smiling is also infectious. It is hard not to smile when someone smiles at us and in turn it is hard not to feel happier and brighter when you are smiling.

Simply by doing these three simple steps on a regular basis, we can make our partners happier and brighter. We can turn bad moods into good ones and blokes who do this on a regular basis get more in the bedroom.

Bloke Support advocates sex between consenting adults and reminds everybody of the not only the legal ramifications but also the devastating personal consequences of sexual abuse.

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