5 Celebrities living with depression

by rodney on March 10, 2014

angelinaDepression can hit anyone at any time. It doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t care about your race, religion, socio economic status, intelligence or your health.  It hits young and old, rich and poor, unknowns and the famous.

Many celebrities have experienced depression.  This goes to show that you can still not only function at a high level, but also achieve even if you are living with depression. It is not the end.

Here are 5 celebrities that have lived with depression and also achieved despite it.

Angelina Jolie

In 2007, after the death of her mother, Angelina began sliding into depression and couldn’t stop dwelling on negative thoughts. She decided that “I needed to do something physical to get out of my head” which is when she took on her role in Wanted.

This proved to helpful in turning her depression around. The stress and grief that come with the death of a loved one can easily turn into depression, and it can be really hard to break the pattern of ruminating about the loss. Distracting activities, especially physical activity, can be helpful in breaking that cycle.

Jon Hamm

Before finding fame and success on TV’s Mad men, John Hamm experienced depression at the age of 20 following his Father’s death. Hamm sought therapy and took antidepressants, which he credits with giving him a new perspective on his situation. He also says he found great comfort and camaraderie in the acting community.

Abraham Lincoln

While you know him as one of the most respected Presidents in American history, what you may not know is that Abraham Lincoln lived with severe depression for most of his life.

Stress, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy followed him his entire career and got worse when he entered the White House. At times his depression was so bad that his friends would often put him on suicide watch.

Despite this, he was able to end slavery and become one of the greatest political leaders in history.

Drew Carey

Before finding fame with hit shows such as the Drew Carey show and the Price is Right, Drew Carey lived with depression in college. He was a self- described loser who thought he was unworthy of happiness. He even attempted suicide by overdosing on pills.

This all changed when he found comedy and became a regular on the stand up circuit.

Winston Churchill

During World War 2, Churchill inspired his nation to victory. At the same time, he was plagued by periods of manic depression which he famously referred to as his black dog.

He focussed on his work as a way of overcoming his depression.

If you are the 1 in 7 people living with depression, consider seeking professional help.

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