A story about 2 brothers

by rodney on August 4, 2014

I want to share with you a story about 2 brothers. They were 2 normal brothers; they both grew up together and only 1 year apart. While they were close in age and background, they would take completely opposite paths as they grew up.

Early on they faced a challenge; their Dad was plagued by his own demons. Unable to move past his own issues, he turned to alcohol as a way of coping. When drinking he became aggressive and scared the brothers who were too young to understand what was happening.

As the brothers grew, so did their anger towards their Dad. The fear they felt whenever they saw him or heard his voice was at times paralysing. This led to their own issues of insecurity, poor self-esteem, abandonment issues and fear.

The older brother engaged in counselling. As the more sensitive and emotionally intelligent of the 2, he spent years talking, soul searching, trying to understand himself, his emotions and his Dad.  He vented his anger, felt his pain, bared his soul and faced his fear. As a result he moved past his baggage and grew and found happiness.

643-big-and-little-brothersThe younger brother supressed his anger. He buried his feelings and refused to let them up. The more emotions he felt, the more he buried them on top of the rest. He put up a mask of machoism and false bravado in an effort to hide his true self from the rest of the world. Deep down he was terrified of what people would discover, that he was still a frightened little boy.

The older brother, with time was able to make peace with his Dad. He learned that he was no longer the young child who was afraid. He learned that he had become an adult. He learned lessons about the nature relationships and healing wounds. This made him powerful and resilient. He was able to handle anything that life threw at him.

The younger brother didn’t make peace with his Dad. He missed opportunities to grow and heal. He held onto his anger and hatred. While on the surfaced he seemed like a strong and confident adult, deep down he was still the frightened child who was unable to cope with his own emotions let alone anything else.

One day, as it inevitably happens, their Dad died. The older brother was grateful of the opportunity to reconnect and make peace with his Dad. He was grateful to move past the emotions that would have eventually destroyed him and he was grateful to realise that anything was indeed possible. The younger brother missed out on that chance and had to find somewhere else to direct his anger.

The moral of the story is this, the only way to heal your pain and let go of your past is to go through your emotional baggage and release it. Holding onto it will only ensure that you pass it on to someone else.

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