What they’re saying about us

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about us………

“Thanks Rodney, you have helped my stepson get through a hard time in his life after being physically abused by his stepfather. You have also helped us as a family get through it too, as well as adjust to our new living conditions as he’s had to come and live with us. Your calm nature, knowledge and experience have put us at ease and made the process more manageable. We love that you are able to come to us which make it more comfortable. Thank you again, I’m so grateful we met you.”

CC- Sydney

“I was somewhat hesitant as my experience with counsellors in the past has not been great. I wanted to find someone with good credentials and a flexible service. I am definitely feeling better about life in general and have a more positive outlook. I have various techniques to deal with situations and no longer have the feelings of anger and bitterness. My relationship with my ex has improved which was a real issue before. What I liked most about Bloke Support was the flexibility of being able to fit into my schedule. I have received positive help and am only too happy to tell others of the benefits”.

 JF- Sydney

We were initially unsure about seeking counselling as we have always kept our own Counsel, but Rodney seemed to hone in on the issues very quickly and responded accordingly to them. Using his advised techniques we did get a positive response, which make us feel more comfortable about our  circumstance. We would recommend Rodney because of his excellent personal approach, understanding and follow up.

DS- Melbourne.


“The reason I decided to seek counselling is because I had been trying to deal with my issue in vain and needed some help from someone able and skilled to assist others with this type of problems. Counselling with Rodney was very good. I was free to talk about my issues and he was open to listening to me and engage me in thinking and reasoning through my issues. I liked it. Some ideas I thought wouldn’t work but they did like the mental exercise. It was new to me, never heard of it, but I did it and it works. The leading questions were therapeutic and helped me assess my situation and decide to move past the challenge that I was dealing with. The way I feel about my current relationship has moved towards what I envisioned, though not fully yet, for that will require time, but the hurdle that acted as a setback has largely been removed to enable me to move ahead. I would recommend Rodney to others. Since I was able to get help and the quality of service was good, anyone else can.” 

 LS- Kenya


Thank you SOOO much for your guidance, support and wisdom. You have made a profound impact on my life and I couldn’t have got through it without you. Thank you. I really appreciate your support.

RL- Sydney


I’ve heard all the usual stuff before so I wasn’t expecting much, however, I got a lot out of our session, more than I thought I would. The tips today they were very insightful and it was useful to have some real steps to work with. You have been the most helpful person in this stuff I’ve met.”

 JB- Melbourne.