Don’t be afraid, it’s just change

by rodney on June 16, 2013

change-architect-sign1One thing that is very much on my mind at the moment is change.

The last 18 months my life has undergone massive change.  Both my parents have battled and succumbed to cancer, I have found myself adding orphan to my identity, I have left an area that I grew up in for one that I didn’t even know existed 3 years ago and my career has massively changed direction.

It has certainly been possible the most challenging period of my life (and I have had plenty of difficult challenges in the past).  It is no wonder that so many people not only fear change but they avoid it whenever possible. It does lead me to think, should we be afraid of change?

The definition of change is simply the process of becoming different. Take note of that. It does not say becoming worse. It does not say becoming better. It says becoming different.  Change is neither good or bad, it is non- judgemental. It is neutral.  Whether changes have negative or positive effects in our lives is up to us.

When we’re born, we are tiny babies.  Most of us not any more than 10kgs in weight. Over time, our bodies change. They grow.  Puberty is a time when our bodies change the most and yet no one is afraid of it happening. We welcome it because it means we are turning into adults. We also don’t stop there. We keep changing. Change is natural. It is supposed to happen.

So if change is neutral and natural, why are so many people afraid of change?  Well, it’s not change that people fear, people are afraid of the unknown.  Have you ever heard that saying better the devil you know than the one you don’t? This is why so many people who are unhappy with situations don’t make any changes. Sure it could end up better, but what if it turns out worse?  What if I make a mistake? This is why people don’t take risk.  How would we feel about change if we knew what the outcome would be?

Change is called many things.  One of the most popular terms is growth. When we grow, we change, whether it is growing physically, growing emotionally or growing academically (by academically I mean learning all forms) we change.  When you consider that we grow everyday through our experiences, we are changing every day. You are not the same person that you are now that you were last week.  Whether you realise it or not, you are constantly changing.

So, now that know  that change is a process of becoming different that is natural and constant, does it seem a little less scary? Don’t think for a minute that I’m saying change is easy.  Change is challenging. Some changes are really hard. What makes them hard is that they come with sacrifice. It doesn’t matter if you’re sacrificing people and relationships, comfort, time, attitudes or beliefs, making a change means making a sacrifice and the bigger the sacrifice means the harder the change. The key to changing, I believe, is acceptance and to accept change we first need to not fear it.

Next week, I’ll share with you some ideas you need to accept and prepare for making any changes you need to make.

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