Where are you located?

We are located at Lvl 2, Number 7 Grosvenor Pl Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Do I have to see you in your office space?

The comfort and convenience of our clients is our first priority. We are more than happy to travel to you in Sydney if you prefer to meet at your home or elsewhere. If you live outside of Sydney, we can also accommodate date you by conducting our session over the phone or by Skype.

What do you charge for services?

We understand that you need on going help in order to achieve your goals. That’s why we package our prices depending on what your needs are. You can find out the best package for you in a strategy session which is only $65

Do you offer Medicare rebates?

No, unfortunately Counsellors are not eligible for medicare rebates.

Do you only see men or do you also accept female clients?

We help men, couples and their families. Our approach is a male focused approach meaning that we use language, strategies and modalities that men respond best too, however, we’ve also found that females enjoy this fresh approach as well.

What issues do you deal with?

We tend to deal with the issues that men face the most including relationship issues, depression, stress, anger and workplace issues. We have also found that other issues, including drug and alcohol issues, are often linked to one, or more, of these 5 main issues.  To find out if we can help you with your issues, please book a free, no obligation 20 minute phone call.

If you have questions that we haven’t covered, please contact us by phone¬†(02) 8968 9361 or send us a message