Hands Across the Water Journey

by Rodney on May 11, 2015

VisionWeek Two

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”

Dalai Lama

If you’re undertaking any sort of a journey, you need to know where you’re going, what you’re doing when you get there and why you want to go there. It could be as big as undertaking a charity bike ride in Asia or just going to the bathroom. If you don’t know these three things, you won’t get there.

I know that I’m going to work, I know what tasks I’m going to do when I get there and I know I’m doing it to earn money so I can survive. We don’t often think about these questions when doing normal everyday stuff, it’s just automatic.

However, when we apply these questions to a large journey it becomes something so powerful that it will directly influence all your future actions, and often the actions of others. It becomes a vision.

If we want to succeed at our larger journeys we must be clear on what our vision is and we must be connected to it emotionally.

Where I’m going is Thailand in 2016. What I’m doing when I get there is riding 500 kms from Bangkok to Kaho Lak. Why I’m doing this, many reasons. I’m doing this to raise $5000 for orphaned children in Thailand.

But here’s where it gets really powerful, why am I trying to raise $5000 for orphaned children in Thailand?

There are a number of reasons. First of all, my overall reason for wanting to do anything I do is I want to make an impact on the world and I want to help change the lives people across the globe. I feel that this is my purpose. By helping these kids, they will then grow to be in a position to help others who can then in turn help others. My actions will have consequences that will snowball and impact many more people that I won’t even meet.

Second of all, I know what it’s like to be an orphan. The moment I heard my Dad had died, I realised that I was an orphan. It was lonely as I realised that now had no safety net, no one to turn to for help and guidance and no soft place to land when I fell. It was all up to me now. I was 30 when this happened, I can’t imagine what that’s like for a child. Hands Across the Water is that safe place for some of the most vulnerable people in the world but they can only do that with funding. I want to help them do that.

Thirdly, I want to raise the bar on myself. I have never undertaken a physical journey such as this and I never raised this much money for a charity. There’s some parts of me that are thinking it can’t be done. These are limiting beliefs and they are holding me back from achieving some awesome things. Once I cycle 500kms and raise $5000, that will shatter these beliefs allowing me achieve success on another level.

When you create a clear vision that is meaningful and emotional, you will get caught up in it. It will motivate you to keep going long after you would have given up. More importantly, it will also inspire others to help you.

Please help me reach my goal of raising $5000 for these awesome kids in Thailand. You can do that by visiting my fundraiser page www.blokesupport.com.au/ride and click the SPONSOR ME link to donate. Every little bit helps and its tax deductable.


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