Hands Across the Water Journey

by Rodney on May 19, 2015

set and reach goal concept Week Three

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

Tony Robbins

I have my big picture vision in place. I know where my journey is heading, I now just have to get there. The danger with a journey this big and this long, I’m likely to get lost along the way and come off track.

To make sure I get there, I need to set some goals. These are specific things that I need to accomplish in order to fulfil my vision. They also need to have a timeline attached and I need to be able to achieve them.

Achieving these goals is really important for motivation. If I’m achieving these goals I’m setting, I’m going to feel good, I’m going to know I’m making progress which will inspire me to keep going.

If I don’t achieve my goals, I’m going to be disheartened, I’m going to feel dejected and eventually I’ll quit.

In setting these goals, I need to break everything down into bite size stages. Trying to do too much at once will be overwhelming.

First of all, I have my daily goals, things I need to do every day to be able ride 500kms First of all, I need to train every day. Even if this is some sort of low intensity exercise. I will need to get 7+ hours sleep and I will need to drink 2litres water every day.

I then have my weekly goals. I need to be training 6 times a week. These have to be a mixture of high intensity and low intensity exercises and some on a bike (I am training for a bike ride).

Next are my one month goals, these are things I want to do in first month. Firstly, I want to habitualise 6 times a week training. I need consistent work if I have a hope of riding for 5 days. Also, in my first month, I want to begin spin classes.

My 3 months goals include being able to ride 5- 10kms, ride small hills and be attending weekly spin classes.

By the time I get to my 6 months goals, I’m more than halfway through my journey. I want to be riding 10-20 kms up medium hills and on the road for 1 hour (In Thailand, We will be riding in 1 hour blocks).

For my 8 month goals, I want to ride 20-50kms, up large hills, descend steep hills, do bikram yoga to acclimatise to the 40 degree heat of Thailand and ride for 2 hours on the road.

Then, my 10 month goal is ride 500kms over 5 days in Thailand, my vision.

I also have the same process for my fundraising. $500 every month, with each $1000 being my mile stones.

Looking at my journey all set out in easy steps in front of me like that, I’m feeling confident that I can do it!

Please help me reach my goal of raising $5000 for these awesome kids in Thailand. You can do that by visiting my fundraiser page www.blokesupport.com.au/ride and click the SPONSOR ME link to donate. Every little bit helps and its tax deductable.

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