Hands Across the Water Journey

by Rodney on May 25, 2015

painWeek 4
“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”
Jim Rohn
I can sum week 4 into one word- PAIN!
My training has left me in pain all week. My weekly sessions with my personal trainer are starting to
get more intense. We’re working longer with the rests getting shorter. The exercises themselves are
getting more intense, especially the leg exercises.
As a result, I had trouble walking. My muscles ached, standing up was a struggle, walking up stairs
even more so. This lasted for about 4 days!
Then, after I had somewhat recovered, I decided to “train” all day Saturday by playing paintball (I’ve
had some people ask me how is paintball training for a bike ride, it’s quite physically intense, there’s
lots of running, lots of ducking, squatting and crouching and it lasts all day). This gave me a new
experience of pain. I was shot several times, including in the jaw and several times in the top of the
head. As I’m writing this, my head and arms still hurt from where I was hit.
It left me thinking Is this what it’s going to be in Thailand?
Continuing with training this week was harder than what it had been in recent weeks. When it gets
harder, is usually when I quit or if I don’t quit then I’ll scale back. I could have thought it’s going to be
too hard to do this ride. I could have even thought well, I’m in pain so I’ll take the week off.
Had I quit, I would have disappointed the people who had already sponsored my ride. I would have
disappointed the friends I was doing the ride with and the kids I’m riding for would’ve missed out on
my $5000- I would have felt like shit.
Had I taken the week off, It would be harder to get back into training, It would have hurt more next
time and I would have felt like shit.
So I kept going.
Whenever you go through growth, you’re going to encounter pain, whether it be physical pain
emotional pain or whatever. Pain is what separates the winners from the losers. Those who can
experience the pain but keep going are the ones who will succeed.
A quote from my old Tae Kwon Do instructor was “Pain is just weakness leaving the body”. That pain
was a sign of my muscles getting stronger.
That pain was progress.
Please help me reach my goal of raising $5000 for these awesome kids in Thailand. You can do
that by visiting my fundraiser page www.blokesupport.com.au/ride and click the SPONSOR ME
link to donate. Every little bit helps and its tax deductable

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