Hands Across the Water Journey

by Rodney on June 1, 2015

milestonesWeek 5

“It’s when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached.”

Mike Huckabee

I’ve passed my first milestone, the 1 month mark. Milestones are important as they break your journey up into manageable pieces. You can also keep track of your progress by setting smaller goals. At every milestone, take a moment to reflect on your progress, evaluate your goals and make changes if nessercary.

So, let’s take a look at my progress.

A few weeks back, I listed my goals for this journey. At the 1 month mark, my goals were to habitualise training 6 times a week and have attended my first spin class.

I certainly have habitualised 6 times a week training. I have managed to fit in some sort of training/exercise 6 times a week. Some days have been high intensity workouts such as Monday mornings with my personal trainer, others have been lower intensity such as a morning stroll at the beach. I know it’s becoming a habit on days when it’s harder to do. A few weeks ago when I was in pain, I kept going and did 6 days a week. Also, on days when time was getting the better of me, I’d incorporate training into my day, for example, I’d get off the bus a stop or 2 early and walk the long back. Habits are things we do automatically even when it’s hard to do.

I haven’t done my first spin class as yet. You may be asking why am I admitting to this, isn’t this a failure? It’s important because you won’t do everything you set out to do. Not every goal will be ticked off, not everyone will need to be. Not ticking off every goal does not make you a failure. However, so many people immediately become discouraged, listen to that critical little voice in their head and become discouraged and give up. Giving up is failure. If you don’t achieve a goal, reevaluate, work out why and get it next time.

I’ve also lost 3 kgs in the last month. His wasn’t on my goal list but an awesome by product.

In terms of my fundraising for the ride, I have a goal to raise $500 a month (10 months X $500 = $5000). At the end of this first month, I’m stoked that I have eclipsed the $500 goal and have raised a total of $600.

It’s been a great first month. I’m pumped, I’m positive and I’m well and truly on my way. A month ago, I was daunted by what I had in front of me, now I’m confident that I can do it, which is another reason to reflect on your progress at every milestone, motivation.

Please help me reach my goal of raising $5000 for these awesome kids in Thailand. You can do that by visiting my fundraiser page www.blokesupport.com.au/ride and click the SPONSOR ME link to donate. Every little bit helps and its tax deductable


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