TBSP 04- How to Attract Women Authentically with Ainsley Micallef

by Rodney on April 8, 2015

Podcast 04A lot of single guys lack the confidence to approach women let alone attract them. They’ll tell themselves they’re too shy or come up with a thousand reasons why they’re not god enough. I know because I was one of these guys. I always wanted to be the confident guy who could start a conversation with a woman at random and walk away with her phone number, but was always too shy, too nice. I then decided to change that and learned some important lesson s which have have changed my life. I learned those lessons from todays guest, dating coach Ainsely Micallef who shares with us the secrets on how to attract women authentically

What you’ll learn

  • The Retreat Loop
  • What Women want
  • What attracts women to you
  • Why women are attracted to “bad boys”
  • What can you do to work on your inner game


Power of Man– Ainsely’s website

Contact Ainsely at ainsley@powerofman.net.au

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