How to conduct an end of year review.

by rodney on December 30, 2013

New Year reveiwOne of the things I love about New Years is that I get to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. Many people disagree with me on this point. They argue that in fact nothing changes and we just continue on regardless of the date, but the shift I experience is a psychological one. Psychologically, I wipe my slate clean and make a fresh start.

The first part in this process is I review the year that is about to end.  This is where I reflect on the events that have happened this year, the wins, the losses, the celebrations, the unexpected surprises, the lessons learned, the friends made/lost, the purpose or meaning of it all, the goals achieved, absolutely everything and I ask myself 3 questions.

What was good?

This is where I identify all the good/positive and or enjoyable experiences from the year. These may be goals I set and achieved, these may be surprising things that happened, areas of personal growth, bad experience that turned into a positive, anything that went well for you during the year. It is important to recognise what was good so we can continue to replicate these good events in the future.

What was bad?

This is where you then identify all the negative events that happened during the year.  What went wrong, what disappointments did you have, what regrets, what do you wish to avoid in the future. By knowing what we don’t want and how we got there can help us to avoid it in the New Year and focus on something else

What would you like to change?

This question is important because it starts to get you to think about goals you want for the future.  Changes you make could be avoiding some of the negative things you’ve identified, it could be building on some of the positive things you’ve identified, or it could be about discovering something new.  Whatever changes you want for the new year, write them down, it doesn’t even matter at this point if they are realistic or not, just write them down for now.

As well as asking yourself these 3 questions, it is also important to rest, find gratitude and let go. Rest will enable you recharge your batteries before the new year, that way you can approach it with new found enthusiasm and motivation. Finding gratitude for those positive experiences will help to find an appreciation for those good times, that way you won’t take them for granted and by letting go of those negative experiences you will ensure that you don’t let them affect your new year.

Next week, I’ll take you through the next part of my new year’s process, plan an awesome new year.


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