How to find a job you love

by Rodney on January 21, 2015

i hate my jobHow to find a job you love

There are many people out there who hate their jobs. They dread going to work, struggle to get through each day then come home complaining about their crappy day, the lousy conditions, annoying work mates or idiot boss.

The saddest part of this equation is that they don’t change. They stay in these crappy jobs for years. Things like fear of not having an income, not wanting to start at the bottom, the belief that this is all they can do or are qualified for and not knowing what else to do keep them there with dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Like all of you, I have had jobs that I have absolutely hated. I’ve stacked shelves in supermarkets, I’ve delivered pizza, I’ve been a telemarketer and I was also a chef for a few years, all of which made me unhappy and unfulfilled.

Despite popular belief, it doesn’t have to be this way. We spend most of our time at work, why would we want to hate it? Here’s 3 things you can do to help you find a job you love.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

We all have strengths (ie, things we are good, like doing etc) and we all have weaknesses (things we don’t like and are not good at). When we play to our strengths, we enjoy our work more and we succeed at it. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are will help you to find the jobs you’ll like and be good at and the ones you won’t. For myself, I know that I hate tedious details and numbers which is why I’m not an accountant.

Know your values

Our values are important. They help us to determine what is right and wrong, important, desirable and most importantly what is meaningful. Having meaning in our work is important for job satisfaction as it helps to create a purpose. Have you ever done something that you thought was unimportant and meaningless, or more to the point, did you ever enjoy something that was unimportant and meaningless? Knowing what your values are will help you to find meaningful work.

Don’t be afraid to change

People are afraid of the unknown. It’s not knowing if you will find a job you do like or not knowing if you can afford the bills that keeps people in jobs they hate. It’s a case of better the devil you know. However, the alternative is staying in a job you hate. Change is scary, but it’s nessercary. Yes changing careers is a risk but when the payoff is satisfying and fulfilling work, coming home happy, not dreading Monday morning and living a life on purpose, that risk is worth it. If you do pick the wrong job, it’s ok, you can just make another change. Don’t worry about the details, they’ll sort themselves out.


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