How to find the right counsellor.

by rodney on May 30, 2012

When we’re at a crisis point in our lives, counselling can be a great way to make it through. However, when we’re at that point, knowing who the right counsellor is can be difficult to figure out.

Going to see a counsellor can be a daunting experience. We are going to expose our deepest feelings to this person. We make ourselves vulnerable and a lot of trust is needed. Giving that trust to complete stranger who might not be the “right” person can be near impossible. This is why most people avoid counselling like the plague.

There are some key points, however, that you can be aware of when looking for a counsellor that, while it can’t guarantee, it can help you find a counsellor that will be effective enough to help you with issues you are currently facing.

Look for an accredited counsellor

An accredited counsellor is one that belongs to a Professional Counselling Association, such as the Australian Counsellors Association. Member of these associations need to fulfil a basic training requirement and must undergo professional development in order  qualify for membership, this way you know your counsellor has the right training and knows what they are doing. These associations also have a code of ethics which counsellors must adhere to when dealing with clients. This is important as it provides a benchmark for counsellors practice to help ensure that clients are protected.

Find a counsellor whose style is “integrative”

There are many different styles and methods of counselling which are underpinned by differing theories. Unless you have a knowledge and/or some experience with different styles, you don’t know which style is best for you. Finding a counsellor that has an integrative style, one that uses techniques and theories from many styles, will help you discover what works best for your circumstances.

Get referrals from people you know and trust

Family and friends are the people who k now you the best, so they may be able to recommend someone that you may get on well with. Also, if a counsellor comes highly recommended from someone you know and trust, you will be more confident in seeing them.

Ask questions

Before you make a commitment to see a counsellor, ring them up and ask questions. Questions could focus around their training and experience, their code of ethics, the types of issues they typically work with. Also tell them a little bit about why you are looking for a counsellor. Hopefully after a chat them, you should know whether you want to see this counsellor or not.

Don’t give up

Even if you start to see someone and for whatever reason it doesn’t work out, don’t stop there. There are so many counsellors who work their own way that you are bound to find one that you connect with.

Like I said before, these tips won’t guarantee that you find the counsellor you need and will like, hopefully what I’ve provided for you is a starting point to begin your search and the hope that you will find the help that you need.

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