How to plan an awesome new year

by rodney on January 6, 2014

imagesCAYA0DJWLast week, we looked at how to conduct an end of year review to properly wrap up the year that has just ended. If you didn’t get to check it out, I recommend you go back and read it before continuing.

For those of you that did check it out, I’m now going to share with you my next step getting ready for the New Year which is to sit down and actually plan it out. Planning beforehand will make things easier for you because for the rest of the year, all you have to do is follow what you’ve put down at the beginning of the year.

What you’ll need is a piece of paper, a pen, a calendar (if you’re that organised) and your list from the previous week of what went well etc.


The first step is to pinpoint exactly which areas of your life you want to focus on. Without a clear focus, you won’t be able to achieve any results. It’s like a lion focusing on which Zebra it wants to eat.  Choose a few areas, maybe health, relationships, spirituality, wealth, whatever you feel you need or want to achieve, but try not to choose any more than 3-5 areas as this will put too much on your plate.


There has been so much written and discussed about goals already that you’ve probably heard most of it already. Saying that, forming a goal will help to turn what you want from a particular area of life into a thought out action item that can be planned and achieved. Remember to make your goals specific, so if you want to focus on your health don’t just say to lose weight but identify how much you would like to weigh. Also make it realistic so don’t set a goal to make a million dollars if you’ve never earned more than $30,000 a year. The other thing about goals is that there needs to be a certain amount of flexibility, this is to allow for changes in circumstance.


This where we get down to the nuts and bolts of it. We now plan every single action that needs to be taken before your goal can be achieved. Look at your goal, and write down everything that needs to happen so that can be achieved. If you can, break those things down further into smaller action actions. If you don’t know what you need to do or if you don’t know everything you need to do, that’s ok, make finding out an action item and then fill those things in later. If certain actions happen on a specific day or date (you may need to register for a course or something like that) put in your diary when that happens that way you can’t double book yourself.

Now that you have ever action you need to do, simply go through the list and do every action until your goal is achieved. Also, have this entire process, focus, the goal and your plan written up and displayed somewhere prominent and remember to review it often, at least daily! This will keep everything top of mind so you are less likely to forget and go off course.

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