Is your partner a daddy’s little princess?

by rodney on June 30, 2014

daddyslittleprincessLast time we looked at man children, also known as Mummy’s boys. Men who haven’t seemed to have grown up even though they’ve gotten older. It may seem like I’m bashing men, but I’m not. For all the mummy’s boys out there, there are just as many women who also haven’t grown up.

These women are “Daddy’s little Princesses” and like their man child counter parts, this is a result of Parental baggage. As we mentioned last time, Parental baggage is emotions, attitudes and behaviours left over from the experience of being brought up. Baggage can have disastrous consequences on your relationship if it’s left unchecked.

Also, as with last time, this is not an opportunity to start blaming parents or even partners. The reason for this article is to give you some information and create awareness of these issues so that way you can be accountable for the actions you take.

Here’s 3 common signs that you or your partner maybe a daddy’s little princess, why it happens and what you can do about it.

Playing the damsel in distress

Is your partner a damsel in distress?  Damsel in distress is where women can’t seem to do anything, or at least most things, for themselves. Instead, they need someone to save them, to do it for them.  This not unlike the fairy tale Princesses who are waiting to saved by a Knight in Shining armour. This comes from parents who do everything for her and so she doesn’t know, or willing to, do anything for herself. This can lead to all sorts of personal issues such as lack of confidence and attachment issues. She can clear this baggage through acceptance and accountability.


Women who use manipulation on men to get what they want are often daddy’s little princesses. She first learned how to manipulate men by having her Dad wrapped around her little finger.  He rarely said no to her and when he did, she would use manipulation to get her way. Manipulation is all about power and it skews the balance of power in a relationship. She can check this in by letting go of her need to control; you can help yourself by failing to give into manipulative tactics.


Is your partner materialistic? Many princesses are. They focused on possessions. They will accumulate and want only high quality and expensive things. She will be likely to be unhappy if you fail to get her the “wrong” present”. This comes from parents who lavish expensive gifts on her as a child. Some people call it spoilt or even high maintenance. She can check in this baggage by focusing on a meaning outside of herself.

If you’re partner displays any of these traits or behaviours, there’s a good chance there is some parental baggage to go through. If it’s having a negative impact on your relationship, consider seeking professional counselling.

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