Managing expectations this Christmas

by rodney on December 23, 2013

treeWhile for most people, Christmas is a time for togetherness, celebration and peace. However, for many it is also a time for stress, hostility, anger and misery.  This is because for many of us, in an effort to make Christmas extra special, we set our expectations too high.

We put some much attention into making the food just right, having the right presents, making sure everyone behaves as they should. The downside is that we often spend too much attention into details we have little control over. When things don’t go as planned, as they sometimes will, we feel like a failure.

The trick to having a wonderful and memorable Christmas is not to make everything perfect, but to manage your expectations over what an ideal Christmas should look like. Here are 3 things you can do to manage your expectations this Christmas.

Identify what’s important

By focusing on what’s truly important, you will be able to put all your attention on what really matters. Don’t focus on a perfectly cooked Christmas lunch/dinner, or the decorations or even the presents. Focus on spending time with the people around you, reflecting on the year or what you can do to make the world a better place. If these things aren’t particularly important to you, be clear on what is.

Share the workload

Often there is a lot to do at Christmas, especially if there are a lot of people coming over. Sharing the workload between those who are coming you lighten the load from yourself. This means you can focus your attention on less tasks.  Not only would you be able to get it right, but also with less on your plate, you will have more time to enjoy your day.

 Set a budget

Most of the stress surrounding Christmas comes from the large amounts of money we spend. Setting a budget and knowing how much you have available to spend and on what to spend it will help you to keep track of your spending  keeping the financial stress at a minimum. Also, try to avoid spending on credit cards, they may help you buy everything now, but when you throw in the minimum monthly payments and interest rates, Christmas stress can last well into the new year.

Just remember, Christmas is only 1 day of the year. When all is said and done, what is it that your truly remember and what is it that creates lasting Christmas memories. Keep your expectations in check and you too can create lasting wonderful memories.

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