Motivation Techniques: Motivation Mornings

by rodney on March 11, 2013

If you’re like me, one of the things that you constantly have trouble with is keeping motivated.  With modern life bringing many jobs, roles responsibilities and goals, staying motivated and focused is getting increasingly harder.

Motivation is important for our daily lives. Motivation is what we need to not just achieve our goals but just to live daily life. Motivation keeps us engaged with, excited about and focused on what matters most to us.

Imagine that you are a car. Cars obviously drive to a destination, much like we are heading towards a goal. Without petrol, or fuel, that car won’t reach their destination. Like fuel, without motivation, we won’t reach our goals. Basically, if ambition is the destination, motivation is the fuel.

You wouldn’t wait for your car to be completely out of petrol before refuelling, so why would you wait until you run out of motivation before refuelling it?

It is this realisation that has recently inspired me to take time out each week and refuel my motivation. I have what I call a “motivation morning”.

Once a week a clear a couple of hours on a Thursday morning and refuel my motivation. There’s a number of ways I do this. I watch motivational videos or movies (Any of the Rocky’s I find really motivating), I read books- mostly biographies and motivational/self-help, audio/pod casts of talks, speeches, lectures- anything that I find up lifting, inspiring and or motivating.

Then, after I’ve refuelled my motivation, I review my goals. I look at what I want to achieve / where I want to get to, then I look at what actions I need to take to get there, not unlike looking at which suburbs I need to cross on my journey. This is the same as reviewing your street directory before setting off again. This is important because on my journey, there are so many different roads and routes that I can get lost on so I need to constantly be checking how I’m going to get there.

The final step is I look at what I have already achieved. I celebrate the small wins and acknowledge how far I have come already. This helps to remind me that I’m on my way and helps me to keep motivation to continue.  Before I started doing this last step, I would actually become demotivated very quickly because I could only see how far away the destination was, and not take any notice of the ground I had already covered.

Keeping with the example of a car, I also realise that there is many different types of fuel out there and different cars have different types.  Different people are also motivated by different things. Me personally, I find stories of people succeeding over adversity inspiring, which is why I read a lot of biographies. What you find motivational depends on you; it may be learning new skills, being encouraged by others, reviewing previous success or a combination of different things- it’s up to you to decide what works best.

The important thing about this technique is consistency. It’s not something you do once, but on a regular basis. I’ve found that once a week is good for me, more often may work for you.

Since adopting these motivation mornings, I have noticed a big difference. I have more energy, I don’t get distracted as easily as I used to, I’m more focused on the things I need to be focused on and I’m actually achieving things.

The best part is, this will work for anyone despite their goals and circumstances, whether you’re a business owner, student, parent anyone. Give it a go, and tell me how you went.

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