Preparing for change

by rodney on June 26, 2013

prepare for change309Last week we spoke about how a lot of people are afraid change and how it wasn’t change that we fear, it is the unknown which is scary.

Today I’m going to talk about to make change less scary by helping you to prepare for change.

There are two types of changes that occur, there are changes that we make and there are changes that happen to us.  Even with changes that are out of our control (the ones that happen to us) it is indeed possible to prepare for change, taking out that fear factor.

Here are 4 things you can do to prepare for all kinds of change.


Change is going to happen. That is the purpose of life, to grow and change constantly. For those of us that fear change, we often resist it. By resisting change, we keep ourselves in a constant state of unreadiness therefore all change is forced upon us. By accepting that change is occurring, we lower our resistance to change. When change then occurs, we are able embrace it and prepare for it as opposed to being forced by it.

Prepare for the worst case scenario

When we think about the uncertainty of change, we generally focus on the worst case scenario. This is completely normal as this will protect us and keep us safe. The problem with the worst case scenario is when it prevents us from making positive and lasting change.  Think of what the worst case scenario is and put in place steps to avoid it before change is even made. This is why things like insurance exist. You can do this not just for changes that you are making but for changes that you know will happen in the future.

Know that you have options

Many people also fear that once they make change, they will be stuck with a wrong decision forever. This is not the case. We have established that change is always occurring, if you realise you have made a wrong choice, you can always make another change. In fact, you can keep making changes until you are happy with one you’ve made. You can even make a list of alternative options before you make a change, which can help to feel safe about making change. Alternative options are often called a “plan B”.

Find a constant support

When many happen, it is normal to start feeling like things are out of control. This out of control feeling is scary for anyone, so to help feel safe and secure, it is important to find a reliable and constant support.  This is someone who will listen, encourage and motivate you. It could be a friend, family member or even professional support. The thing is, they must be supportive of you making change.

While the uncertainty of change can be scary, it is happening whether you want it to or not. By being prepared, ready and flexible, you help ensure that life changes are as pain free as possible, which will help to ensure that changes are positive.

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