Supporting partners through tough times

by rodney on May 22, 2013

Brangelina-brangelina-28053267-1280-816Last week Angelina Jolie publicly revealed that she had a double mastectomy as a preventative measure against breast cancer.  There were a lot of divided opinions, much praise and support but also much criticism for her and her husband Brad Pitt her supported her decision.

It was Brad’s support of his wife that has led me to reflect on difficult times we have in our relationships. Because no matter how strong a couple we are, how well we get on, how wealthy we are or how good life is, we all experience tough times and have difficult choices to make. These moments test us not only as couples but as people in general and how well we handle these situations can make or break relationships, especially when it comes to health decisions.

Health decisions often come at a higher cost than most as so often they have life or death consequences. There is little room for error and decisions require total commitment as they cannot be reversed.

So how can you support your partner through these difficult times, make tough decisions and emerge as a stronger and more committed couple? Here are 3 important things to remember when it comes to life or death situations.

Keep communication open

Open communication is vital for the longevity for every couple. During difficult times when emotions are painful, it is not uncommon for couples to stop communicating. You need to keep communication open however hard it may be. Things to talk about often are different options for decisions, how you are feeling and coping, what your needs are and your desired outcomes.

Keep emotions in check

Emotions will be high, raw and painful during these difficult times. When negative emotions overwhelm us, we have a tendency to take it out on those around us. While this may help us to feel immediately better, it will have negative effects on the relationships with those around us. Also, negative emotions will prevent us from thinking clearly which will make it harder to make big decisions. We need to keep our emotions in check. This doesn’t mean suppressing our emotions and not experiencing them. Keeping emotions in check means venting them in a healthy manner that will not have negative effects on relationships and your behaviour. How I suggest you do this is to identify healthy ways of venting emotions and when you find yourself experiencing them, give yourself time out to go and vent. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to emotionally break down for a little while, we can find strength in building ourselves back up again.

Seek professional help

Whatever crisis you and your family may be going through, you cannot do it alone. You will need professional help and support along the way. This will help you to see different perspectives of the same problem and to generate many different options for you to explore. It is also important to remember to seek the help of many professionals for the many different areas of your life. For medical and health matters, seek the support of Doctors and Specialists, for legal issues you will need to find a solicitor, for financial issues you will need a financial planner and for emotional support, seek professional counselling.

When hard times touch our family, there are many more things that you will need to consider and everything will be easier said than done. These 3 things will help you to get started and give you the best chance of coming out the other side of your crisis with your relationship intact.

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