TBSP Ep 20: The Secrets to Great Sex with Isiah McKimmie

by rodney on May 11, 2016

Podcast 20For decades, many couples have fought over the subject of sex. Often times sex can be what makes or breaks a relationship. Sex is important to a relationship and a good quality sex life can make a huge difference to a couple.

In this episode of The Bloke Support Podcast, we talk with relationship coach, Sexologist and three time guest Isiah McKimmie as we attempt to uncover the secrets to great sex. Isiah is dedicated to helping couples improve their relationships and their sex lives and offers a unique insight into this often taboo topic.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why sex is important in relationships
  • What is more important in sex, quality or quantity
  • The secret to a great sex life
  • How to communicate your needs to your partner
  • 5 things women want men to know about sex



http://isiah-mckimmie.com Isiah’s website where you can learn more about her, what she does and connect & work with her.

Click here to listen to Isiah in episode 2 and episode 10

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