TBSP Ep29: Why Men Don’t Listen with Rodney Owen

by rodney on February 28, 2017

Ask any woman and they will all say that at times, when they talk to the men in their life, it’s like they’re talking to a brick wall. So many women have told me throughout the years that men don’t listen and it causes frustration and so many problems in their relationship.

In this episode of The Bloke Support Podcast, I look at the reasons why men don’t listen, the biology and the science behind male communication and what women can do to make themselves heard and understood.

This is taken from a live presentation.

What You’ll Learn

  • The biological reasons why men don’t listen
  • The differences in the way men communicate from women
  • What part evolution has played in male/female communication
  • How to talk so men will listen
  • Why men will sometimes ignore you and how to stop it.


Watch this presentation in full here


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