Top 3 most angry movie characters

by rodney on August 3, 2013

darth-vaderStory telling has been an important part of human development since the dawn of time.  All races, cultures and civilisations have used story telling as a way of teaching important life lessons and skills and that remains the same today. However, instead of sitting around a campfire, drawing pictures on the wall or passing stories down from one generation to the next, we use books and movies.

Movies have been an important part of my life for this reason.  I have learned lessons that I have used throughout my life from movies, I have used characters from movies as role models and movies have helped to motivate me.

I think we can all learn something from movies. Most of us dismiss them because they are make believe and that they should be for entertainment or escapism. Why should everything we learn from be serious and real? Movies are more real than we think. Even though people flying through the air and super heroes are not real, the themes in the movies are and the characters are just trying to find the answers just like we are.

By looking at 3 of the angriest movie characters, not only will we see how much we have in common with them but also uncover valuable lessons we can learn from them.

Darth Vader- Star Wars

Hands down, Darth Vader is probably my favourite character of all time. I have learnt more about myself and people around me from Darth Vader than anyone else.  One of the reasons I am fascinated by him is because he is a perfect example of the consequences of letting anger take over you. You do lose yourself to “a dark side” and it can leave you hurting the ones you love. However, as we learn at the end of Return of the Jedi, it is possible to redeem yourself.  Darth Vader was able to let go of his anger and save his son.  You can choose to stay with your anger or you can choose to let it go.


Hulk- The Avengers, Hulk, The Incredible Hulk etc.

The Hulk is another interesting character. When Dr. Bruce Banner becomes angry, he turns into the hulk. A green monster with super human strength that destroys everything in its path. This happens to a lot of people. When they become angry, they tend to become violent monsters and end up destroying everyone and everything around them however, we can also learn something very profound from the Hulk. Ultimately, the Hulk is a super hero, who uses his strength for good. As much damage anger can do, it can be used for good. Much good has come from anger such as the civil rights movement and the end of apartheid. If used in the right way, anger can be fuel for change.


Two-Face- The Dark Knight

Two-Face helps us to understand an important element when it comes to anger.  Harvey Dent, District Attorney for Gotham City, was in control. He was in control of his behaviour, his emotions and he was able to bring down the mob with a smile on his face and perfect hair. When his girlfriend was killed and half of his face literally burnt off, naturally, he became the angry and twisted Two-Face. Two- Face was not in control. He used a coin to decide things for him, making his emotions and behaviour in the control of external forces. This is what we can learn from Two- Face. Often when we are angry, we become out of control. It is interesting to know that the reasons we become angry are also things that are out of control. Things that happen to us, things that others do to us, circumstances, events- all out of our control. By focusing on what we can do, the things that are in our control, we can find ways to managing our anger.

Many people assume the keys to their issues are complex and require a lot of searching, but if you open your mind to it, the keys you need are everywhere, especially in the movies. If you need help finding the keys to your anger, please consider professional counselling.

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