What if Darth Vader was an active father?

by rodney on October 7, 2013

darth-vader-and-sonMany of you already know I get a lot of valuable lessons from the movies. A lot of those lessons have come from a few little films called Star Wars (you may have heard of them) but today’s insight came from a book based on Star Wars called Darth Vader and Son.

Darth Vader and Son explores the premise of what if Vader had have been a father figure to Luke and depicts various scenes of Vader being an active Dad. Now a few of you out there may argue the point that if he had have had an influence over his son, Star Wars would have been quite different. Luke may have turned evil and ruled the galaxy- not really the ending that audiences would have liked.

But the book depicts a different side. It presents Darth Vader as a flawed but loving father. He reads to his kids, takes them trick or treating, gets frustrated because Luke won’t pick up his toys, shares ice cream and looks lost when Luke asks embarrassing questions such as “why is it called a Death Star?”

This got me thinking about the many real life Dads out there. How many men are deeply flawed and have a dark side that they’re wrestling with? How many Dads out there give in to anger, hate and dark forces?  Does this affect the way they’re parenting? Are they still active Dads? If Dads are the benchmark for adult males that their children become or accept into their lives, how would these dark forces affect that?

In an age where it seems like everyone is blaming their parent’s mistakes for their own flaws, thinking about how Star Wars would have been had Darth Vader been a more active Dad is interesting. Luke could have grown up to be as evil as his Dad and taken over the galaxy or  he could have decided that he didn’t want to follow in his fathers footsteps and gone out and become a Jedi anyway.

On the other side, what if Vader had decided to make a change when he became a Dad? What if he decided to seek some counselling to deal with his issues? Or even just some anger management? What if he had decided to man up and deal with his own shit so he didn’t let it affect his kids?

There is no right or wrong answer. There are million different ways anything can go. All you can do is control what you can do.

If you’ve had parents that have turned to the dark side, take control of your future and deal with it with the help of professional counselling.

If you’re a Dad with issues that are affecting your relationship with your kids, deal with it with the help of professional counselling.


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