Why Men Don’t Listen Free Event

signals-hes-not-listening-400a020607Do you feel that talking to your husband is like talking to a brick wall?

Do your teenage boys have selective hearing, especially when you’re asking them to clean their room?

Do you feel that sometimes men just don’t listen to you?

Well, you’re not alone! The most common complaint that I hear from women is that men don’t listen. I’m here to tell you that, you’re right, half the time, men don’t listen to you. This causes so much frustration, angst and conflict within relationships. It also has a huge impact on the 60% divorce rate in Australia.

That’s why we’re presenting Why Men don’t listen: How understand and engage with men. This is a FREE information evening for women who have trouble talking to and engaging with men.

In this free presentation you’ll discover:

  • The biological differences between male and female communication
  • Why it’s not your fault men don’t listen to you
  • the secrets, tricks and techniques you can use to make men listen
  • the tools you need to stop the fighting and tension in your relationship

And much more.

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