Why talking helps

by Rodney on April 6, 2015

couples-talking I’ve heard this many times from several blokes, and I’m sure you have  too. Whenever the idea of talking about your issues comes up, you’ll hear  the phrase “talking doesn’t help”. The idea of talking as a way of  resolving issues doesn’t resonate with most men for 1 reason,  men typically bond through activity and action whereas women typically  bond by talking and sharing emotion. This is also why men see talking  and emotions as un-masculine and girly.I disagree with the notion that is  not action, it is action. It is an active process in which muscles are moving  and energy is flowing. I can attest to how helpful talking can be. Not only have I used talking as a way of resolving many of my own issues I have used it as a way of helping many of my own clients to resolve their own issues.So how exactly does talking help? Here’s 4 reasons why talking helps
Vent emotions
Talking helps us vent negative emotions. Bottling up emotions doesn’t help to resolve anything. It has a disastrous impact on our health and it is not a long term solution. Eventually these emotions will surface and explode in some sort of breakdown, whether it is through violence, depression or something else. Also, when you suppress your emotions, you could end up managing them through self-medication such as through drugs or alcohol. Venting your emotions through talking will help you release these negative emotions. When released they won’t bottle up and won’t cause problems later on.
Helps you to gain a different perspective
When we talk about our problems, we are able to get them out of our head. When they’re out our head, we see them differently. Having this different perspective will help us to reprocess them, we might not even see them as problems anymore, or the different perspective could help find solutions you hadn’t previously considered
Share different ideas
When you talk to others about your issues, you invite them to collaborate with you and share different ideas about how to resolve your issues. This is why support groups work really well, you talk about your issues with people who have had the same issues and will share how they were able to resolve them.
You can make plans
Talking will enable you to consider different ideas and then make a plan to resolve your issues. This is combining talking and action and is the best way to resolve any issue or problem that you may have.
Sometimes, you don’t always know who the best person is to talk to. You may have plenty of people around you, but you might not trust them or believe they are able to help. This makes it really easy to not talk. If you find yourself in this position,consider seeking a professional counselor to talk to.
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