Why the Biggest Loser is setting you up to fail, and how you can really change your life.

by rodney on March 20, 2013

tblSo, the Biggest Loser Australia has just returned to our screens.  Every year, the Biggest Loser features ordinary Australians undergoing a huge lifestyle transformation in just a few months and in turn, inspires many viewers to do the same.

People make that pledge to lose weight, or make some other life change and embark on the journey along with their biggest loser favourites. Everything starts off well. In the beginning, motivation is high, goals are new and you feel great. Your heroes on TV make massive changes every single week and, if you’re anything like me, you become disheartened when you don’t get the same results. Motivation drops, habits take over and by the end the shows season, you’re back where you started, looking at people who have achieved phenomenal results and you end up feeling like a failure.

Guess what, the Biggest Loser is setting you up for failure!

The reason why the contestants are able to get the results they do is because they are in a controlled environment. They have the time to work out all day, every day and don’t need to worry about other life commitments such as work, raising children, social commitments etc.

Also, the Biggest Loser is heavily edited. Even though weigh ins are shown every week, that doesn’t mean weigh ins occur every week.

This is why people have unrealistic goals after watching the Biggest Loser. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t change your life. You need to change your thinking in regards to making life changes.  It doesn’t matter either what changes, whether its weight loss, relationship changes or behaviour changes.

In this 2 part presentation, you will learn the key steps you need to take in order to make changes to your life.  Part one will identify 4 things you need to do to prepare for your big life change.

Identify the changes you want to make and why you want to make them.

Like any journey, you need to know where it is that you’re going. Having goals will give you focus as decisions that you will need to make will be based on what is that you want to achieve. Also, know why, you want to make these changes. Having emotional reasons will help you to achieve your goals as we are guided by our emotions.

Identify what’s holding you back.

There are many things that hold you back from achieving your goals. These could be emotions, habits, relationships, circumstances, people, conflicts or beliefs.  All these things make up our emotional baggage that we carry around. By identifying what these issues are we can deal with them and move towards change.

Educate yourself.

If you want to make any sort of change in your life, it will involve applying new skills and knowledge. Education is the key to changing your situation, no matter what it is. If you want to change your financial situation, get educated in financial management, if you want to lose weight, get educated in nutrition and exercise. If you want to change career, get educated in your desired industry.  Don’t underestimate this point. If you want to make a change, you need to learn new skills and knowledge. If you already knew, you’d be doing it and not needing to change.

Identify small action steps that milestones.

Action steps are behaviours you need to display and things you need to do to get you to your goal. Milestones are the small goals you will need to accomplish on the way to your bigger one. These are vitally important as they will be the things that will take you to your goal and let you know that you are on the right track.

Now that you know what changes you want to make and have identified what’s holding you back you educate yourself and write down the steps you need to take make lasting changes in your life. Once you have developed your plan, you will then be ready to take action.

Keep an eye out for part 2 where I’ll reveal 4 more things you can do to help you take action and stay motivated.

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