Working during the holidays

by rodney on December 15, 2013

santaIt’s already halfway through December, and for many this means the Christmas holidays are about to start.  So many people are counting down the days they have left before they finish work for 2013 (just being able to say I won’t return to work until next year sounds exciting). However, there are many more others, myself included, who work during the holidays.

Many of these workers include Doctors, Nurses, Police, Paramedics, Firefighters, Social Workers and others who we rely on to continue working to keep us safe, alive, well etc.  While it is vital for these people to sacrifice holiday’s fort the rest of us, it can also be really hard for those who are away from their families while they are at work.

Here are 3 things that can make working during the holidays much easier.  Also, if you’re one of those people who have holidays now; think for a moment how you can make working during the holidays easier for someone.

Spend time celebrating with those you love

Just because you may be working on Christmas Day, doesn’t mean you have to miss out. It is important that you still celebrate and spend this time with family etc. Take the time on the day before, the day after, whenever you have the time to spend with the family and focus on them.  I spent many times celebrating Christmas on either Christmas Eve or boxing day when I was growing up because my mother, a nurse, would be rostered on Christmas Day.

Make your day special

The only thing that sucks more than working on Christmas day is if that day is just like every other work day. Do whatever you can to make that day a little more special, a little different from the normal day to day. Take some treats to share with your co-workers (they’re in the same boat); wear some silly hats or decorate your environment, all will help to create a festive and special atmosphere.

Remember why you’re there

There is a reason why you’re sacrificing this important day.  Whether you’re in service to others or you’re helping make someone else’s Christmas special, there is a bigger reason why you’re doing. Remembering and getting in touch with that bigger reason can help you get through the day. I often will do a shift at Lifeline on Christmas Day so that way I help to make a difference to those who will not have as good a Christmas as I will.

Christmas Day itself is just another day. What makes it special is the meaning we put on it, often that meaning is about family and friends. If you can’t give the traditional day that meaning, it will be just as meaningful on another day.

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