The Relationship Toolbox Workshop

relationship delvelopmentDo you find it hard to get your husband to listen to you?

Are you frustrated by a nagging wife?

Do you find yourselves constantly fighting?

Are you and your partner growing further and further apart?

If you are, then you’re not alone. You are just one of many couples who have issues communicating. Poor communication is responsible for most of the misunderstanding, stress and tension in relationships. The bad news is, your communication is destroying your relationship. It is what leads over 60% of all couples to divorce or worse yet a miserable and unhappy marriage.

The good news is, you can fix this. You can learn these skills in thousands of books or by working with counsellors and relationship coaches or through workshops. Workshops like The Relationship Toolbox.


The Relationship Toolbox is designed to teach couples the skills, ideas and strategies they need to communicate effectively and build understanding and ultimately a better and more fulfilling relationship.

In this workshop you’ll discover:


  • What communication is and how it effects your relationship
  • A simple model that will help you how to communicate effectively
  • Basic and advanced communication skills
  • How to use your body when communicating
  • How to resolve interpersonal conflict
  • The art of negotiation

and more.

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